Theme and Tracks

Theme : Industrial Revolution 4.0 : Eyeing The Future

The 6th International Conference on Software Engineering and Computer Systems (ICSECS'19) serves as a platform to address the challenges in the areas of Software Engineering and Computer Systems particularly on the specific issues of Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0). With the theme “IR 4.0 : Eyeing the Future”, thereby presenting a consolidated view to the interested researchers in the aforementioned fields. The conference looks for significant contributions towards theoretical and practical aspects on the future applications.

The tracks of this conference emphasise on the NINE (9) pillars of Industrial Revolution 4.0 which are but not limited to :

Track 1: Internet of Things, Big Data and Autonomous Robots

Track 2: Simulation and Virtual/Augmented Reality

Track 3: Additive Manufacturing and System Integration

Track 4: Cyber-Security and Cloud Computing