Dr. Ishkandar Baharin


Dr. Ishkandar Bin Baharin
Malaysia Robotics and Automation Society (MyRAS)

Keynote Title: Bridging the Robotics and Automation Gap for IR 4.0 Adoption for local SMEs and the role of Local Academia

Dr Ishkandar Baharin has a strong experience in Robotics starting from his PhD research in the UK in the late 80s after spending almost 11 years with the British education system when he was 18 years old. He came back to join the academia world in Malaysia for about 4 years where he got his Associate Professorship and several National Awards for his work in Robotics. He then pursued his career with an international electronics company based in the USA building robotics automation line for the global company which was successfully commissioned for global production. After gaining experience in robotics and computer integrated manufacturing system in the mid 90s, he then ventured into the venture capitalist world to expose himself with the global financial and technological market. He was then offered as CEO of an eCommerce company to link trade between 54 OIC member countries under Islamic Development Bank funding. In early 2000, he came back to Malaysia to be part of the founding team to establish a new private University under MARA where he served for almost 10 years and later retired and established his own robotics company to build robotics for Malaysia. He was also the founding member of the Malaysia Robotics and Automation Society back in 2014 where he is currently the serving President. He is now executive chairman of several robotics companies that he nurtured and is now focusing on building robotics collaboration model between Malaysia and other developed world in robotics.