Big Data Impact – AI as a Service (AIaaS)


In the old days, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was taught in Malaysian universities as an elective and was considered as unpopular subject and always in isolation. Only few universities have the vision to offer undergraduate programs majoring in AI in the late 1980’s despite its unpopularity at that moment. Now the scenario has changed, and the credit goes to those who have put their foresight thinking and insight analytics in shaping the importance of AI nowadays. In the era of Big Data, AI has becoming an important commodity for supporting the AI economy in the next decade. Big Data era is not only to support the Industry 4.0 but also to support the Nth Industrial Revolution with higher uncertainties, and Predictive A.I. will make the Cyber Analytics being deployed in the Nth dimensional environment. Of course, the challenges will always be around throughout the world and will soon be the topical agenda in the near future especially through the advancement of cyber physical system (CPS). Given the explosion of data from applications and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, and the need for real-time decision making, AI is quickly becoming a key requirement and differentiator for major cloud providers. In this talk, we will give the insights of our big data journey in dealing with big data science and analytics as well as the deployment of in-house AIaaS using our cost effective big data platform for supporting Nth Industrial Revolution for the nation.