Is Evolutionary Computation Evolving Fast Enough?


Evolutionary Computation (EC) has been part of the research agenda for at least 60 years but if you ask the average EC researcher to name three examples of EC being used in real world applications  they  might  struggle.  Other  technologies  have  seen  much  wider  adoption.  3D printing is changing the way that manufacturing is done, moving some of that functionality into the home. Immersive reality is on the verge of changing society, in ways that are not totally clear yet. Ubiquitous computing is becoming more prevalent, enabling users to access computing resources in ways that were unimaginable even just a few years ago. It might be argued that EC has not had the same penetration as other technologies. In this talk, we will look back at what EC promised, see if it has delivered on that promise and compare its progress with other technologies. Finally, we will suggest some challenges that might further advance EC and enable its wider adoption.

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